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Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto

Number of balls to pick: 6 numbers from 1 to 45

Odds to win the jackpot: 1 in 8,145,060

Irish Lotto draws: every Wednesday and Saturday

Irish Lotto is the Ireland's biggest millionaire-making game. Simply select 6 numbers from 1 to 45.

Irish Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Six main Irish Lotto numbers are drawn, along with one additional number - the bonus number. Match a minimum of three numbers to the main Irish Lotto numbers drawn to win a prize. Step-up your chances to win the jackpot by playing these most often winning Irish Lotto numbers combinations. You can play Irish Lotto online on Big Fat Lottos syndicate website.

All cash prizes won in National Lottery games are paid out as tax-free lump sums. No minor under the age of eighteen years may purchase tickets for or claim prizes in any National Lottery game. Winners have the right to remain anonymous.

Odds to win Irish Lotto jackpot

Winning selections Odds
Match 6 numbers 1 in 8,145,060
Match 5 numbers + bonus 1 in 1,392,317
Match 5 numbers 1 in 34,807
Match 4 numbers + bonus 1 in 14,274
Match 4 numbers 1 in 732
Match 3 numbers + bonus 1 in 579
Match 3 numbers 1 in 45

Prizes history since 4 November 2006

Winning selections MAX prize AVG prize MIN prize
Match 6 numbers €18,963,440 €4,532,374 €588,144
Match 5 numbers + bonus €250,000 €26,144 €25,000
Match 5 numbers €4,022 €1,686 €314
Match 4 numbers + bonus €299 €162 €51
Match 4 numbers €100 €52 €27
Match 3 numbers + bonus €36 €26 €13
Match 3 numbers €5 €5 €5

How to win Irish Lotto

Increase your chances to win the jackpot by playing our professionally generated


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