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Fatima from United Kingdom, Manchester wrote in February 2015:

"Hey I ordered my first 30 set of number obv I couldn't play them all . I was kind Ov confused at first when I purchased them seeing as I'm new to this I played 7 set of numbers last night and I jut chose the first 7 . I don't win nothing but I was given one set of numbers that could have given me a win of £25 not a lot but its something's . I'm hoping I pick a good set for next time Good luck to everyone else who's playing their luck"

Kerry from United Kingdom, Birmingham wrote in September 2014:

"Hi there just to let everyone know this is such a great site great stats give it a go got 3 numbers on the Irish lottery yesterday using the stats alone well done keep up your hard work"

Chris from United Kingdom, London wrote in March 2014:

"I really think you should try this system I bought it and in the last month I've had 2x4 numbers and 4x3 numbers in total i have won £361 this is a great system I was skeptical at first but thought I might aswell try it. now i won't look back and I know with this system I am one step closer to the jackpot"

Ivan from Croatia, Dubrovnik wrote in January 2014:

"Ordered 10 combo of numbers for Irish lottery, and score 2x3 on first play, 1x3 on second, hopefully more soon!"

George from Singapore, Singapore wrote in April 2013:

"Thanks for the new look of your website, its great, I like it, its actually the best, easy to use and hopefully we'll win the Jackpot soon with the help of your combinations. Keep the good work."

Yohannes from United Kingdom, Minneapolis wrote in April 2013:

"Hello there I should have won in three line on Euromillions unfortunatley did not play my numbers and it was my first order it is Amazing keep up the good work! Thank you!"

Paul from United Kingdom, Bracknell wrote in March 2013:

"I was very sceptical to order your combos since I don't really believe in any lottery system but after losing so much money on the tickets I decided to give it a try. I got 10 Euromillions combo and won over £20 by winning on 3 lines on the first try. I like it!"

Charlene from United Kingdom, London wrote in February 2013:

"Hi there. I've been using your system to play Lotto. I ordered the Top 5 matchers combo and played without any great prize for almost a year, almost gave up, but then I managed to hit 5 + bonus numbers as promised which made me really really happy! Your system really works and I'll keep playing your numbers for many years to come. You can expect my grateful donation soon. Thank you very much!"

Esmond from United Kingdom, Torquay wrote in November 2012:

"I love this new look and feel. The best I have seen and believe me I have seen a lot of time wasters out there. What I would like to see is the ability to print directly to play slip. Any chance of this? I will happily donate when I decide what level to come in at and start winning."

Jadwiga from United Kingdom, Basildon wrote in November 2012:

"Hello again and congratulations on your new website. Smart, happy, trustworthy. Very well design. The fact that you share your ability and willing to help so many people to achieve the unachievable and to put a smile on their faces is rather rare opportunity in today world of selfishness and dishonesty. Myself, I feel extremely uncomfortable as winnings keep coming my way but promises I have made earlier to contribute to your well deserve donations with each winning, does not to be matter any more. The fact is, that in time of making such decision my head was ruled by spontaneous emotions after my very first meaningful winning!!! Logical approach to risk, calculation and affordability to play this games were not existent at that point but reality soon were evident. Being thoughtful about my modest budget and saving money for my son's forthcoming marriage reduced my lottery activities. Therefore, I would like to apologize for not being truthful to my wishes but whenever I will be able to reward your amazing work even in absence of playing , I will do so. However small! You truly deserve it! Thank you for being so special to so many people. If I am 'winning' I am sure some knowledgeable players in the "lottery field" are winning even MORE! Hope they appreciate your help with the honesty I do. With sincere affection Jadwiga"

Ngakwana F from United Kingdom, Fleet wrote in October 2012:

"Hi there your site is very good. i should have won in three line on Euromillions, unfortunatley i did not play my numbers the fact that was my first order, Iam very impress keep up up the good job."

Heather from United Kingdom, Alvechurch wrote in October 2012:

"It was amazing I didn't play yet... I missed the 3 x numbers and I will be definely playing with your combos soon. Keep up the good work!"

Jadwiga from United Kingdom, Basildon wrote in August 2012:

"Hello, Thank you again for giving me an opportunity to win nearly every week. Of course, it is not always proportional to amount I am spending on combinations or would like to spend as I am not always able to buy tickets. Anyway, at the end of the day is a winning and a smile on my face. Playing lottery now (when I play it) is an excitement and hope. Before, waste of hard money. Thank you for sharing your ability and knowledge with others."

Jadwiga from United Kingdom, Basildon wrote in June 2012:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for your wonderful help. Last week I have bought 2 sets of 10 numbers for the Lotto and EuroMillions. First attempt in Lottery on Wednesday. No win but all winning numbers close together. In different combination could be a "big win". Next drawing Euro on Friday. 2 x 2 winning numbers. Total win £6. Yesterday - Saturday, Lottery again. 2 lines with 4 winning numbers. Total win £146. Amazing! I have cried. It is first time I did not loose my precious money. I could not belive my eyes. As the gratitute for all your truly fantastic work and above all for your honesty I am going without any hesitation to contribiute towards your donations every time I win. You truly deserve it! Without your help I can only dream about my winnings. Very best wishes to your future."

Raj from United Kingdom wrote in May 2012:

"This site is totally the best out there in the world web, it has everything you need to know and precision is the key on this site. No need to search for anything else, this site totally has it all. Thank You and I hope the good work will carry on further."

João from Portugal wrote in May 2012:

"Amazing! The best site about Euromillions in terms of statistics organization. Very useful. Congratulations."

Vivian from United Kingdom wrote in May 2012:

"Honestly this site is the best one in terms of statistics organization and daily updated draws. The combos usually give you plenty of cash but you need to keep playing the same combo for some time until you get the results and win more money. I have not been playing all my combos for long time but I always receive the winning updates when it is on. So far, if I was playing the combos probably I would be cashed up over £400. You should try!"

Vivian from United Kingdom wrote in May 2012:

"Good info & stats."

Jeff from Belgium wrote in March 2012:

"Yes, I did play them [combinations] and I am as grateful as surprised ! Your system works and it is as efficient as amazing ! All wins are respectable, but as soon as I get a big win, I will do a donation to your team. Promised ! Thanks a lot, Jeff P.S. Playing is big fun now...."

Cindy from United Kingdom, London wrote in March 2012:

"I got the 100 EuroMillions combo and can't believe I won on 63 lines!!! This is pure magic! Thank you guys!"

Justin from United Kingdom, Staple wrote in March 2012:

"I tried my first 10 EuroMillions combinations and first time matched 4+2 lucky stars giving me over £2000 win! That's simply amazing! Thank you."

D from United Kingdom, Thetford wrote in March 2012:

"Just another update, played 55 luck stars and won 11 times, also played another 10 EuroMillions lines that I purchased from you and won 3 times one of which was 4 numbers!!"

D from United Kingdom, Thetford wrote in March 2012:

"First time playing 10 combinations from EuroMillions and matched 2 main numbers and 2 lucky stars and other 3 numbers were very close. A month ago I won 5 numbers plus bonus ball on Lotto and that was of my own back so with this info Jackpot will be next for me. DC South Coast"

ALBANO from United Kingdom, Kent wrote in January 2012:

"I've been playing your system and I won small money like £22 and am very excited right now and bought today the number combinations and seen what happens and I can't wait to win big money."

Chris from United Kingdom, Milton Keynes wrote in January 2012:

"Yeah great stats & info"

John from United Kingdom wrote in December 2011:

"I have been playing with your numbers for the Lotto and Euro Millions for some time and I am very impressed with the outcome of small wins with these unique numbers. Many thanks for your help with the numbers."

Amelia from United Kingdom, Bristol wrote in September 2011:

"I bought 10 combinations for EuroMillions and lotto, but unfortunately i wasn't able to buy the ticket and i missed the chance of winning 1 x 4 numbers & 1 x 3 winning numbers on 27th august draw ... the same with the EuroMillions although there was only 1 match+2 stars, it proved that your combinations are good..thank you and i hope to win in the future, i'll try to buy the ticket on time."

Gary from United Kingdom wrote in July 2011:

"My first punt, and with numbers bought only the night before, entered 20 lines on Saturdays (23rd July 2011) National Lottery for an outlay of £20 and won 3 numbers worth £10 plus 4 numbers worth £70 a total win of £80 less my outlay of £20 = £60 in pocket :) AMAZING RESULT !! could not have done this on my own, sounds like Witch craft !!, thanks Guys."

Graham from United Kingdom, Haresfield wrote in March 2011:

"I ordered the most 6 matches on the daily play and I got a 6 match of £300 - thank you"

SALLY from United Kingdom wrote in March 2011:

"i won £55 today...NOT BAD ...IT WORKS!!!"

Pete from United Kingdom, Bedford wrote in March 2011:

"First time playing EuroMillions this way with you guys, got 2 numbers + 2 stars last night =£17.20 win."

STEPHEN from United Kingdom, Sheffield wrote in February 2011:

"Thank you. Won £6 on Euro on Friday and also 2 X £3 on the Thunderball Wed and Fri using Generator. Thinking of purchasing the number combinations. Really good site!"

June from United Kingdom, Salisbury wrote in February 2011:

"Dear BeatLottery. I won £33.30 today that wasn't bad was it? Keep sending me the emails confirming my wins. Thanks."

STEPHEN from United Kingdom, Sheffield wrote in January 2011:

"I have searched just about everything with regard to lotto. Having won 5 x 4 balls and 30 x 3 balls in 18 months you can gather I am determined to win the Jackpot. Your site is by fat the best I have come across and from today the only one I will use.The Dan Brown method has alot more credibilty than you could imagine as my own success is based on the same principles. So here goes for this year I will be using your site every week but also using my own intiuition which never never lets me down."

David from United Kingdom, Cardiff wrote in January 2011:

"I ordered 36 All Lucky Stars EuroMillions combo and won £80 by matching 4 numbers + lucky star! That's awesome for the first time! Thank you guys, amazing job!"

Annrita from United Kingdom, Gravenhurst wrote in January 2011:

"I won £4.70 on friday with your combos I am very well pleased with your combos hopefully to win more this friday bring it on. Well done guys and thank you!"

June from United Kingdom, Salisbury wrote in January 2011:

"I am indeed excited it's the first time that I have won in years. Here's hoping the Euro will do the same this evening.I didn't know I had won but without your notification I probably would not have realised. Keep up the good work. Thank you."

Pawel from United Kingdom, London wrote in December 2010:

"I`ve ordered 10 combinations of daily play about 4 months ago, if I played them all the time I would have spent about £960 and would have won about £400 so it`s far better return that I normally get. I keep an eye on them and hopefully I will play on them on the right day..."

Arvydas from United Kingdom, London wrote in October 2010:

"I just won £6 EuroMillions jeee!! its my biggest win ever! But I hope I win more in the future :D"

Keith from United Kingdom, Thetford wrote in August 2010:

"Thank you, I won £73 on last nights Lotto my biggest win ever and I have played weekly since it started."

Diane from United Kingdom, Berlin wrote in July 2010:

"I thought I would have a go at this for the first time on lotto just started with 10 lines won £10 tonight. Thank you."

Kazimierz from United Kingdom, Gillingham wrote in July 2010:

"I just won 14,40£ EuroMillions and 10£ Daily Play!!! :) Thank You VERY MUCH!!! All The Best! :)"

Joey from United Kingdom, Basingstoke wrote in July 2010:


Vivyan from United Kingdom, London wrote in June 2010:

"40 out of my 50 Thunderball combos won last night! I'm very happy! Thank you."

Sukhraj from United Kingdom, London wrote in June 2010:

"I would have won £30 in last night's Thunderball draw. But I forgot to play the numbers."

Sandip from United Kingdom, London wrote in May 2010:

"i think this is amazing site. what can i say i was already winning small prizes before i came across this site but what this site does it brings you even closer to hitting the jackpot. It spots combinations that is most likey to hit in the nearest future truly amazing."

Gina from United Kingdom, London wrote in April 2010:

"I won over £1,500 in last night's EuroMillions draw thanks to you guys! I played your combos for few months and finally matched 4+2! I still can't believe it! Thank you very much!"

Patrick from United Kingdom wrote in March 2010:

"Amazing site guys!!! I've been using your combos combining with predictions and extensive statistics to help me win and I can tell it's working quite well! Waiting for the jackpot to come soon!"

Charles from United Kingdom wrote in March 2010:

"I don't regret trying your combos! I'm winning way more often than before. I managed to scoop around £3500 within 6 months of playing both Lotto and EuroMillions! Amazing! Thank you very much!"

Patlyn from Belgium, Brussels wrote in March 2010:

"Fantastic site! Finally you opened my eyes about not playing lucky dips in your LD experiments. I will never play them anymore but will try your high performing combos. I also like the Predictions and am posting mine every week. Kee up the good work!"

Lydia from Ireland, Dublin wrote in March 2010:

"I would like to thank you for your great combinations! It is everything I needed. I played only Lotto games for the first four weeks. I managed to win €256. Then I tried EuroMillions and won already €128. I'm glad I joined the club of winners!"

Pinton from France, Paris wrote in March 2010:

"I bought 36 All Lucky Stars EuroMillions combo and been playing it for few weeks. I've been in+++ by winning all kinds of smaller prizes frequently."

Kasandra from United Kingdom wrote in March 2010:

"I never won more than £10 on Lotto but after buying your 20 most often winning Lotto combinations I managed to win £82 by matching 4 numbers. Great job!"

Daniel from United Kingdom wrote in March 2010:

"I bought your numbers and won 4 correct out of 6 in the Lotto the first time I played them. Keep up the good work. I hope to win the full jackpot. I'll keep using your system. Thank you."

Ivan from United States wrote in March 2010:

"I won plenty of small prizes and can tell you that I'm winning more often than before. I hope the jackpot will come soon!"

Peter from United Kingdom, London wrote in March 2010:

"First of all great site! I managed to win over £2000 so far using your numbers! Great job! Thanks."

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