About Us


A bunch of coding-geeks fed-up of playing lottery syndicate without winning a single dollar for as long as they could remember. The wise Geek-a-mon decided to dive deep into his smart mathematical brain and drew out some calculation on the board. Geek-a-mon's formula has immediately convinced Geek-a-minion and the rest.

Geek-a-mon and Geek-a-minion started to code and test the formula. They took a good few months to test and refine the formula. The geeks had decided to put the work to REAL test – buy lottery tickets using their formula generated sets of numbers.

Bingo they got it! Just as they calculated.

The lottery was never the same from that point, and they started to win prizes more frequently.

Geek-a-mon decided to go public and share this effective lottery winning system with others online. He has since created the high probable lottery winning numbers system generator for American lottery games and UK lottery games. In 2007 he launched Beatlottery.co.uk for UK lottery games and later in 2008 Beatlottery.net for American lottery games was born.

A few months after the launch of the first website, Geek-a-mon quickly realised that he was unable to maintain the site and meet the demand without income. Expenses had gone up. That's when the geeks decided to sell the high probable winning lottery numbers. Since then, Geek-a-mon has been working hard improving the system.

We have generated thousands of winning combinations. As many know a geek will not stop until his system is flawless so we are working hard to raise the winning odds higher.

All the best to our loyal users and hope you win big with us!