EuroMillions Results Checker

Lottery Results Checker for EuroMillions Game

Enter 5 numbers (1-50) and 2 lucky stars (1-12):

Check the winning history of your EuroMillions numbers for the last 12 months.

EuroMillions Results Checker gives you good indication of the past winning history of your numbers. This works particularly well when checking against the full draw history (registered users only) where you are able to spot the winning patterns and decide when to play the combos again or just wait and save the money.

Follow these easy steps: Input (or 'Enter') main numbers and lucky stars; Check for results.

Registered users can check the complete EuroMillions draw history since 13 February 2004.

You will be able to see how much would you win and how much money would cost you to play these numbers. On top of that we'll provide you with the tips on how to optimize your combinations to give you the best possible chances to win. Tip: "It is not advisable to play the combinations drawn most recently."

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